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Golf Wholesale is dedicated to providing all of the resources, tools, information & contacts needed for golfer's worldwide to purchase top brand name Golf Accessories & Equipment for the same prices retail outlets & specialty catalogs buy them for to resell.  Many avid golfer's have the misconception that you must be a contracted reseller or need a license to purchase goods at cost from the manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers or liquidators.  Years ago, yes, you had to be a contracted vendor, but with the Internet here, now you don't!  The great thing is that with the Golf Wholesale Sources in our guide, you don't need to be a vendor of any type.  With our sources, you will be able to buy your favorite golf accessories (at cost) for the same prices major retail outlets and specialty catalogs buy them for.  All you need to do is pick up the phone and place your order directly, from the manufacturer, regardless of the quantity of golf accessories you wish to place an order for or the country where you would like the items shipped.

We've been in the Golf Wholesale Source industry for several years, and have built rock solid partnerships with the most reputable Golf Manufacturers & Wholesalers worldwide.   We offer an eBook at our web site, "The Penny Pincher's - Golf Wholesale Source Directory", that lists hundreds of Golf Wholesale Sources worldwide that you can purchase golf products from AT COST.  Not retail....  We have 8 researchers who have compiled this list of Golf Wholesale Sources (which is updated daily), which we GUARANTEE you will not find a list like this anywhere on the Internet.  We are dedicated to the Golf Wholesale Industry, and are average Golfer's ourselves who felt that this eBook would be beneficial for Avid Golfers on a budget, or simply would just like to buy their Golf Accessories at the lowest possible price, FACTORY-DIRECT.  Our Golf Wholesale Sources also may be of interest to those wish to sell Golf Accessories & Equipment over the Internet or at an actual storefront in their own neighborhood.

GOLF BALLS - For Example: Instead of buying 3 Golf Balls, for $10, you will now be able to buy 10 for the same price. $1 each.

The above Golf Ball Wholesale is just one example....  The same type of discounts apply to Golf Clubs, Apparel, Equipment or any other Golf Related goods in production....

Whether you are a golfer on a budget, or someone who is just looking to save a little  money on golf accessories & equipment, we have the wholesale sources you need.  Our site caters specifically to golfer's who would like to put a stop to spending enormous amounts of money on golf accessories, such as: (Golf Balls, Golf Clubs, Golf Carts, Apparel, Accessories, etc..).  No one knows the wholesale golf industry better than we do GUARANTEED.  With the resources listed within our guide featured at our web site, you will save 40-80% off your favorite brand name golf accessories & equipment by placing your orders directly with International Golf Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Drop shippers & Liquidators, "The actual sources that the biggest Golf Retailers in the world use to order their inventory".  You are ENTITLED to purchase the same brand name golf products at cost, which are the same prices that major retailers pay to maintain their inventory on hand.  There are no SPECIAL TREATMENTS when it comes to the Golf Wholesale Industry.  In order for you to take advantage of wholesale prices, you have to know where to turn.


The Real Story...

Our parent company has been online and doing business since 1995, providing the most beneficial business & financial information to individuals, business owners & entrepreneurs.  Visit our corporate site:  The staff at Golf Wholesale is dedicated to bringing the most cost-effective International Golf Wholesale Sources to avid golfers.

If you are an active golfer and purchase supplies either over the web or at a retail outlet, you might already be aware that golf accessories & equipment are not cheap.   Why do you think that is?  Why is it that an ordinary, light short sleeve shirt cost 5 times more at a Golf Store than in a regular department store.  Is the difference in the material?  No, because you can buy the same shirt at any regular or specialty clothing shop.

We look at Golf Industry Retailers & Specialty Catalog Publishers as monopolists, connected & working together to maintain high price levels in the North American & European Markets.   We have much experience in this sector...

On the other hand, if you look at the South American, Asian & South Pacific Markets where the golf industry is still growing, you'll notice brand name Golf Accessories & Equipment are extremely inexpensive, and on average, sell for 40-60% less than in the North American & European markets mentioned above.  Keep in mind, that manufacturers adjust the prices of their products in each country they market in.

We've done some of our own research, and have come up some pretty stunning & preposterous  facts.  The Golf Industry is growing at exponential rates, and increasing in popularity not only in North America & in Europe, but the entire International Sporting Community.  The fascination with golf can be contributed to the fancy advertising, magazines, corporate & Hollywood events, & fashion shows that take place throughout the U.S. & Canada.  Golf Manufacturers have been & still are working with retailers spending millions of dollars when marketing their new apparel, golf equipment and present their products in a "trendy" or "glamorous" manner.  Golf Retailers & Manufacturers are aggressively & intentionally marketing their products to attract successful businessmen, actors/actresses, well-off retirees, and the result is a HIGH-PRICED GOLF MARKET.

Golf Manufacturers & Retailers work together and use this tactic to maintain their HIGH-PRICED products, because they want to make it seem glamorous.  They do this & maintain a strong FRONT/COVER.  But, we know what's really going on...

The funny thing is that successful businessmen, actors/actresses and well-off retires only make up 5-10% of the market share.  The rest of the 90% are forced to purchase their Golf Supplies at fixed exorbitantly high prices.

Have you noticed that there isn't a significant amount of Golf Wholesalers On the web, or even offline?  The bottom line is, that AUTHORIZED RETAIL OUTLETS & Specialty Golf Catalog Publishers are working together and setting the high prices.

The Golf Industry will continue to grow, and an increasing amount of new golfer's will become fixated with this sport that can be played by anyone who is healthy enough to walk, and it's for this reason that that everyone is talking about Golf, at home and work.

Over the past 7 years, we have made an aggressive & concerted effort to establish partnerships with Golf Manufactures, Factory-Direct Wholesalers, Liquidators and Distributors worldwide who WILL sell & ship their BRAND NAME GOLF SUPPLIES at cost to any INDIVIDUAL, regardless of what country they reside in or what language they speak.  You might also want to know that BRAND NAME MANUFACTURERS have plants throughout numerous regions & every continent  around the globe.  Our eBook provides direct contact information to the the manufacturing plants for you to call and purchase your favorite Golf Supplies at cost. (Many of the plants we provide contact information to are in South America, Africa & Asia.)  If you contact the manufacturers in North America & Europe, you will pay a premium.


The golf manufacturers in Asia, Africa & South America will do anything for new business, and will sell you their products at COST.  The same price retail outlets purchase them for.

We have contacted the proper individual sales departments & marketing offices at each and every one of the Golf Wholesale Sources listed within our eBook.  We are now presenting this priceless golf resource to you...


The Penny Pincher's Golf Wholesale Source Directory is a must have resource for the avid golfer!  Click Here for more info...

Purchase Your Favorite Top Brand Name Golf Products For The Same Price Major Retail Outlets Purchase Them For.  All items at cost to you, factory-direct!!!!

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